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We are ethical, professional agents that will serve you during enrollment and claims processes.  We focus on coverage based on your needs and the needs of your family.  Here is a list of coverage items you can count on seeing from us:

  • Unlimited doctor office visits for as low as a $25.00 Co-Pay per visit.
  • Accident Insurance to pay all of your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Physicals, laboratory work, mammograms and pap smears paid for at 100%.
  • Prescription Drug Coverage.
  • HSA Tax deductible Plans to help you reduce your tax liability.
  • Need Medi-care supplements?  We have guaranteed issue supplements.

If you can’t qualify for major medical insurance, we’ll help you with the State of Wisconsin HIRSP program.

We also have Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) to help your employer get out of the insurance business and reduce overhead.

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Wisconsin Insurance Solutions is your leading Health Care Provider in Wisconsin!  We offer personalized solutions for any family, business, individual or senior. 

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